Joe Rogan gives his preliminary thoughts on the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor super fight coming up in August.

One key point he mentions, is that Conor McGregor is at a severe disadvantage by having to transfer over to big, bulky, boxing gloves. From the small, lean, and lightweight gloves that he’s used too wearing in all of his UFC fights. Which does make perfect sense.

But for me, this fight really comes down to two things for Conor McGregor.

The first one is his cardio. McGregor needs to be ready to go twelve rounds. That’s 12 rounds at Mayweather’s boxing pace, not the typical five round UFC pace. Two, McGregor needs to be ready to use his creative punching angles. To cut Mayweather off from dancing all over the ring, avoiding punches, and wasting time. If McGregor can do these two things, then he has a solid puncher’s chance of winning the super fight.

Basically there is no chance in hell that Floyd Mayweather can knock out Conor McGregor. Who is used to being hit with much smaller gloves. So McGregor needs to be ready to go the distance in this fight. Just in case he is unable to score the KO agaisnt Mayweather’s world-class defense. He can not afford to gas out early, like he did in the first Nate Diaz fight. That would be a majorly shitty way for him to lose the super fight.

Conor McGregor’s cardio, is the key to his upset or victory in this one folks.

Here is Joe Rogan’s take on the super fight…