Where Is the Evidence, Reporters Grill Sean Spicer on Trump Wiretapping Tweets.

After pushing back a question about it earlier, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer faced a grilling from multiple reporters this afternoon over what evidence President Trump has to back up his tweets alleging Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Spicer, “Where is the proof?” Spicer said that “it’s not a question of new proof or less proof or whatever,” it’s about bringing in Congress to get to the bottom of this.

New York Times‘ Glenn Thrush followed up by pressing Spicer again on the evidence for Trump’s claims, and after that Reuters’ Ayesha Rascoe asked Spicer about whether Trump can just make declarative statements like that on Twitter and then get committees to look into it.

Spicer insisted that going through the intel committees is the proper avenue for investigating. Rascoe then asked whether we should, then, be taking Trump’s tweets “at face value.”