Jersey Shore: By Brad Saunders. Full-time Chef, part-time drinker, part-time poet.

Who cares about the Ginnie’s from the Jersey Shore?  Four dumb dudes, three stuck up bitches and one girl considered “the whore.”

Pauly D, Mikey and Situation go out every night to bang these nasty chicks. It’s really amazing how they don’t have warts, growing from their tiny little dicks.

The girls on the show are even worse because their not even fuckin pretty. I can’t tell the difference between Snookie’s gut and her nasty greasy titties.

Jwow’s especially gross cause she looks like a great big man, with her shitty fake tits, ugly face, and orange spray on tan.

That garbage bag hobo Angelina, fucks every guy she sees. I’m pretty sure pus comes out of her hole, every time she pees.

Dont even get me started on Ron and that hot bitch Sammi Sweat-heart.  I’d kick Ronnies ass, bury him in Brooklyn then give his bitch the tounge dart.

Bottom line is these douchebags are famous for not doing shit. I’m pissed off at MTV because somehow they made this dumb show a hit.