United we stand...Divided we fall...Mike!!


The cast of “Jersey Shore” is so dissatisfied over their contract situation that they refused to finish shooting scenes for the upcoming third season until they get a better deal, according to sources connected with the show. MTV is taking a “take it or leave it” approach with the cast. The cast’s original all-for-one, one-for-all contract status had fallen apart and MTV had given the show’s stars until last Friday to individually negotiate new deals.  

“None of them did. So when the 16th passed and there were no new deals, MTV took the position that all the cast’s original contracts were still in force at their $10,000 an episode fee.” The cast was ordered to return to work Monday, or else. “The ‘or else’ part is that if they don’t come back to work tomorrow, it goes to legal.”  


The major controversy stems from the fact that the cast’s original two-season deal became unclear when MTV decided to break season 2 (Miami Beach) into two parts, which they are contractually calling “cycle” 2A and 2B.  

“MTV is taking the position that they are still in season 2, even though the cast may look at it as season 3 and therefore not covered by their existing deals,” a source explains.  

While “The Situation” is making back-door deals with MTV that will make him very wealthy, the rest of the cast must feel like they are just playing second fiddle to the Sitch. Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you Vinny Guadagnino!!prma