America’s most recent attempt to turn everyday people into celebrities has been a smashing success. Jersey Shore, the show that followed eight young guidos and guidettes for a summer at Seaside Heights, posted an amazing amount of viewers for its season finale Leaving MTV executives wanting more, more, more, and giving the eight cast members a little bargaining ammo at the negotiating table. The final episode’s 4.8 million viewership (the most in MTV history) instantly sent MTV and the cast into heated negotiations over the size of season 2’s paychecks. The cast stuck together and held out on MTV saying “No” to the original offer made by the network of five thousand dollars an episode with a ten thousand dollar signing bonus. MTV Execs fired back reminding the cast just how unimportant reality stars really are to their particular shows and layed out the ultimatum, “Either sign by the deadline or be replaced.”. MTV execs stated they had no problem dropping the whole cast or just part of them in case some cast members wanted to sign and others didn’t.  They went on to say they have an entirely new bunch of guidos and guidettes ready to go for season 2, should the cast not resign. Luckily for reality TV, fist-pumping fans everywhere, MTV made one final offer to the cast at the last second and they accepted. In the new deal Ronnie, Vinny, Pauly, The Situation, Snooki, JWoww, and Sammi Sweetheart will all receive the same amount per episode, ten thousand dollars. Even Angelina (who a recent TMZ poll said 87% of people didn’t want to see back on the show) has re-signed for the new contract price of ten-grand a show, much to the dismay of JWoww, who appeared in a highly publicized internet video saying that she didn’t believe Angela deserved to be back because she left so early in the season. Fighting already! This should make for an exciting second season. With the cast locked up for a twelve-episode run in season 2, MTV producers spent time searching for a new venue for the eight cast members saying they …“are looking to leave the cold Northeast” for some place warmer, leaving many in Vegas, Miami and LA to say “hmmm.. do we really want this show in our city?” Producers went so far as to request all cast members to have valid passports for the possibility of taking season 2 overseas, though, it seemed to the Chronic staff to just be just a PR ploy. It was highly unlikely considering the cast; that they would go overseas. They are just too American to be safe outside the country unless they had headed to Italy, [which would add an interesting twist on things since the cast is “Italian-American” not Italian] and potentially would shine a disastrous spotlight on the obvious cultural diffrences between them and real Italians.. but I digress. Jersey Shore’s producers finally settled on Miami Beach for the shows new diggs and has begun prepearing a house on Miami’s famed Lincoln Road. The Miami decision makes perfect sense considering the cast has been fist-pumping all over South Florida lately making appearances in all the hot-spots. However, some in South Beach are not so excited about the Jersey Shore spotlight headed their way. South Beach’s Mynt Lounge rejected an inquiry from a Jersey Shore location scout to shoot at the club, citing the show’s treatment of women and Italian-Americans. Mynts owner, Romain Zago, went on to say “Miami Beach takes pride in the years it took to establish an upscale tourist attraction, and bringing this show to town would lessen that image. Any club or establishment that participates can and should be held liable for such mischievous behavior.”Yet other venues, like Miami’s popular Clevelander Hotel, would jump at the chance to get some of the spotlight. “We’re trying to convince them why it’s better to do it here,” said Mike Palma, general manager of The Clevelander, in an effort to have the cast working at the hotel for season two, (I love how MTV always makes them have some remedial job!). Any way you slice it, this is going to be interesting season two; Viva Jersey Shore Miami filming starts this month!