Jersey Pump is a revolutionary new drink. It combines all the benefits of an energy drink, packed with protein to keep you energized and motivated throughout the day. Most people think “protein” and think shake; however, that is what makes this product so unique.

Although the appearance does lend itself to a gym enthusiast, do not be confused, as this drink is useful and favorable for all consumers. They keep it low-calorie to appeal to the female market, and include the right amount of protein to be used as a meal replacement. Jersey Pump adds that extra surge of energy to keep you going through the day.

Given that their product name, Jersey Pump, includes the word “Jersey” it is in no way aimed only towards New Jersey residents. It is a catchy name, easy to remember, easy to say and does not include the word “New” limiting it to a state. In addition, people always want what they don’t know or have, consumers in California or Nebraska may have never been to Jersey and only know what they hear and see, so why not make our product, Jersey Pump, a perception of or part of their reality?

Each case has 24 units and the bottle serving size is 16oz. Our initial run is being co-packaged in Cold Springs, MN.

We would like to leave you with this thought – why buy an energy drink and shake separately when you can have the best of both, all in one delicious and nutritious serving? The answer is easy: Jersey Pump simplifies while fueling the gladiator in you.

For orders contact,

Andrew DeRogatis

Phone: 484-855-0483