Jennifer Capriati was rushed to the hospital after a 911 call about a possible overdose. The call came from a hotel in Riviera Beach Florida where the former tennis star was staying. When the ambulance arrived they rushed Capriati to a local hospital. Later that day her father was reached by TMZ who told them his daughter was recovering just fine.

Naturally there has been much curiosity about what could have pushed the decorated tennis star over the edge. Though her ex-boyfriend Dale Bebone (I’m not making this up…the guy’s a pornstar) seems to think it’s all because of him, stating that Capriati always gets depressed around big tennis tournaments (right now is Wimbledon), but this year it was even worse because Capriati was heart broken over his return to the adult film industry. Debone went on to say that Capriati blamed injuries for ending her career and her use of  prescription drugs. Debone then divulged that Capriati called him from the hospital Sunday night hysterical over his return to porn.

During her Career Capriati won 14 titles, 4 Grand Slams, and a gold medal at the ’92 Olympics.

During Debone’s career he did 443 porn flicks and just signed a deal with Vivid to do Batman XXX.

Sounds like a match made in heaven.

If you think about it, womens’ tennis and porn both have the same soundtracks. – Kid Chronic