I am hoping this is a joke and people don’t really do this! Japanese Bagelheads – let me explain. Extreme body modification is running rampant through the underground streets of Japan. These people are into jacking up their image for attention, or something. In 2007, a team was set up in Tokyo to administer saline infusions. In a process that takes around 2 hours, saline infusions are put into the forehead, causing a large lump. After the lump is full, you dot it with your finger causing an indention – hints the term ‘bagelhead’. Saline is already in the body, so this lump only last for a night. When they wake up in the morning it has disappeared. Apparently, the only point to this gruesome trend is the enjoyable factor it brings to the people involved. They enjoy “looking like freaks for the night”. The person responsible for the trend hitting Japan, photographer and journalist Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda, thinks bagelheading is not that extreme. More extreme forms of body modification in Japan include, but is not limited to, ear pointing, navel removal, amputation, Japanese traditional body suit tattoos … the list goes on.



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