E! Newsthat Jana Kramer had a crazy Ex-husband. The reality TV show says that her ex-husband Michael Gambino tried to murder her back in 2005.Jana got famous for her role on Dancing with the stars. This show is a show where people dance in a competition and they have to learn how before they can win. They learn the various styles of dance looking to be the best and win the money or whatever the prize is. Jana is a bright and beautiful country music star before but she is not that famous or she wouldn’t have wanted to be on the reality show.

The reality show is more for people who want to be famous but aren’t on the upper eschelons of fame. It usually attracts a lot of B list style actors or famous people. Jana was only 20 years old and her first husband strangeled her and beat her unconscious and left her outside. The abuse was extensive. “He’d come home at three oclock in the morning and pick me up out of bed, throw me onto the ground and start yelling and hitting”, sounds like a horrible human.