Have you ever been in a very bad car accident and days or weeks later start to feel the pain? Well I have and it’s not fun at all. I couldn’t move off the couch or do anything at all. I was in such severe pain, a friend of mine suggested I  go see a chiropractor. He says maybe you have a pinch nerve in your neck or even disc pain that you don’t know about.

I made an appointment with his chiropractor in Jacksonville, Florida at Superior Physical Medicine. The Dr. says you have a pinch nerve in your neck and you must be very careful on the way you move around. He explained to me my options I had which were stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, and massage therapy.

Before I made a decision on what to do next, the Dr told me to call him and we can further discuss my options. They were great. Made me feel right at home. Please don’t hesitate to give them a call at (904)724-5433. I feel a lot better after a few weeks of going to see him.