Jackson, who died in June, had an array of skin whitening creams

   More and more details continuously emerge surrounding the talented, one-of-a-kind, singer’s death.   Unsealed warrants show that detectives found four bottles of anesthetic and dozens of tubes of skin-whitening cream in a cupboard in the singer’s apartment after his death. (Warrants were unsealed on Friday, March 26).   The King of Pop – who died in June – had the skin condition vitiligo that creates patches of de-pigmented skin, and the skin-whitening cream can be used to cover patches of epidermis that have retained their color and give a more even appearance.   I dont know about you, but to me Michael Jackson was a complete icon!  I want to hear information about the ongoing investigation surrounding his death, as his expiration was untimely; however, it is no news to me (or the rest of the general public for that matter) that Michael dyed his skin.  I mean, I do not think I am alone in knowing Michael’s skin was not originally as white as a ghost.  I really do not see how finding pigment creams has anything to do with his death investigation, but then again, that damn media will fill our heads with all types of crap!