Frisbee founder Walter Frederick Morrison.

The outdoor recreation community was saddened today with the passing of Walter Frederick Morrison, otherwise know as the inventor of the Frisbee.  The late, great pioneer of the flying disc died peacefully of old age at his home  in Monroe, Utah at the age of 90. Although we take for granted the simplicity of the concept, you have to give credit to the man that put the Frisbee into homes across this great country.  As legend has it, Morrison and his future wife, Lu, used to frequent the beaches of California and that is where the Frisbee came to life.  They used to throw a tin cake pan back and forth for entertainment when Morrison figured out that he would need a plastic disc for better flight.  After serving as a pilot for our country in WWII, Morrison returned back to the states and began producing what was the precursor to the modern day Frisbee.  After making a living selling his discs at local fairs and what not, toy manufacturing tycoon Wham-O caught wind of his invention and purchased the rights to his creation and coined the name Frisbee.  The name Frisbee is actually derived from a local bakery named the Frisbie Pie Company whose pie tins were being used as such. I don’t care who you are or where you are from, all of us have tossed around a Frisbee in our lifetime.  Whether you’re the dirty hippie playing Ultimate in the park, or the businessman on lunch playing a quick nine of Frolf, today is a sad day with the passing of Morrison and we should all give a quick moment of silence for a true innovator.