Libya is only getting worse. 42-year-dictator Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi continues to fight his own people who have organized a resistance against his regime. On Al-Jazeera, the bottom of the screen read: “Italy: Reports of 1,000 Dead Credible.” Qaddafi has given orders to attack Libya’s oil pipelines. Libya is the third largest oil producer in Africa, and supplies 2% of the world’s oil, 85% of which goes to Europe.

Protesters in Benghazi, Libya. AP Photo

Libya has longstanding relations with Italy.

Al-Jazeera reported concerns that a political and economic domino effect could cause the price of oil to soar.

Many high level officials have resigned, and sections of the military have defected.

Ibrahim Sahad of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya called it a “genocide against the Libyan people.”

Sahad told Al-Jazeera that a UN Security Council meeting today was a move in the right direction, although late.

Some have criticized the slow and gentle measures taken by the international community in the face of what is clearly an intense, large-scale humanitarian disaster. Al-Jazeera reported African mercenaries were hired by Qaddafi to crush the protesters. So far he has lost control of the Eastern part of the country, and Al-Jazeera reported this morning that the first town in the West had been taken.

Meanwhile protests continue elsewhere in the Middle East. In Yemen yesterday one protest turned violent.