Copper Flect is the most cost effective reflective attic insulation system available. Whether you install the product or not, you are already paying for it. This is because, during the summer months, heat gain contributes to thousands of dollars in wasted money for many Americans. The same can be said for heat loss during the winter months. Our attic shield offers the premier solution to this problem. Unlike typical home installation products that merely help to resist heat, our product reflects heat by acting as a radiant technology. This technology is so powerful and effective, it is the same radiant heat barrier used in NASA’s space suits.


Copper Flect Will Keep You Cooler in the Summer and Warmer in the Winter! Guaranteed!

When the sun beats down on your roof in the summer time, your roof tiles and shingles heat up. The heat that gets stored up in the tiles and shingles then radiates into your attic; making it heat up and causing you air conditioner to work harder and harder to keep up. Our reflective attic insulation product will reflect back up to 97% of that heat and block the heat from entering your attic. In the Winter time, heat will typically rise and escape your home through your attic. By having our reflective foil attic insulation installed in your attic, that heat will be reflected back into your home, keeping it from escaping, and thereby reducing your energy bills.

Installation Process:
Copper Flect is professionally and securely fastened under your rafters or inside your crawl space. The installation of this reflective attic insulation takes less than a day to complete and will even make your current insulation more efficient.

Why our product is #1
Our product is the only one on the market that is designed with copper on a plastic polymer not a paper substance in between the reflective copper foil. The reason why paper based reflective foil works in space for the astronauts is because there is no water or humidity in space. Very much unlike your 120 degree attic or crawl space. We all know what happens when water meets paper, problems and replacement within 5 years! Not with ours! Ours is the only one you’ll ever need and only once! As a matter of fact as of 2011 companies can no longer sell paper based foil because of fire codes. This product is so amazing that it can also lead water out of your attic into your soffit vents protecting your home from roof leaks. It is absolutely the single most important product to have installed in your home for overall comfort, savings and protection! Copper Flect also gives your Air Conditioner a 50% longer life expectancy.

Thousands of engineers and scientists swear by Copper Flect, find out why you should too! Copper Flect qualifies for a tax energy credit and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The cost of installation depends on an attic’s square footage and design. Special financing is also available, meaning this home energy upgrade can be yours with no out of pocket expense. Copper Flect will usually pay for itself in energy bill savings within a matter of two years.

We also offer a complimentary energy audit when we visit your home for a free energy consultation.

“If you don’t want to go with the best, that’s fine, but at least look into the technology, because it saves you a small fortune, makes your home a lot more comfortable and is the last insulation that your home will ever need”

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