Said Taghmaoui is an actor and is going to be in a few movies. One of them is “Wonder Woman”. This movie is about a super human woman who fights crime and battles monsters and aliens and scary stuff like that. TMZtalka to Said Taghmaoui who is going to be in the new ‘Wonder Woman’ and ask him what he thinks about the theory that ‘Wonder Woman’ is bisexual? There are many rumors that Wonder Woman might be a bisexual super hero. Bisexual means that they like to sleep with the opposite sex and their same sex as well.

TMZ caught him in the streets and said “The talk right now is that her sexuality is coming into question Should Wonder woman be bisexual?” “What kind of stupid question is that?” Said responded in stupor to the question the reporter posed. “That’s so personal and private, I don’t know and I don’t care. I like her the way she is and I will accept her the way she is” Said said.