– CORVALLIS, Ore. – Police used stun guns to take a naked Oregon State football player into custody early Sunday morning at a Corvallis home. Officers responded to a report of an intoxicated stranger inside a Corvallis home at 5 a.m. Sunday. The residents told police the man had done damage to a computer in an office room, police said.

When police arrived, the man didn’t comply with instructions from officers.

“He got down into a 3-point stance, like football players do, like a lineman, and lunged at the officers,” Sgt. Mike Mann with the Corvallis Police Department told KVAL News.

The two officers both fired their Tasers at the same time, Mann said. They took Tyler Patrick Thomas, 19, into custody and later learned that he was an Oregon State football player from Kalispell, Mont.

Shit, this is nothing.. I’ve done this before.. Yah.. I was really drunk one night when I accidentally called the cops on myself to tell them I had pulled my back out and needed an ambulance.. When they arrived I was hunched over on my front lawn in what looked to be what they called, “an attack position” but highly intoxicated..  I played it off though and just fell over. Two weeks later the same officers came into the bar I worked at and we had a fucking shit show laughing about it…   . See this guy took it too far.. To make cops laugh and enjoy their job you need to be completely insanely drunk, but also add some sort of humor.. He should of done the three point stance and then just charged head first into the wall or something.. End result, he just sleeps it off in the drunk tank and goes on to become state champ..  Now he’s gonna end up a college drop out working for his uncle at the families dairy farm..  Shit.. Cue the video of the drunk guy head-butting the wall……