I grew up in a Christian home and still live my life based on principals that my parents taught me.  I no longer attend church as I find that organized religion is just not something I want to be a part of anymore.  I was always taught that we should love one another and not show hatred to anyone.  I firmly believe that God loves everyone equally, yes he loves the sinner and will forgive the sinner every time.  How can a organization treat children so badly?  Who gives these people the right to say the things they do?  God’s word is about love and treating others with respect and dignity.

Westboro Baptist Church is a disgrace to God’s word. They are a radical group of people that seem to think they have a right to judge each person on this Earth. I am all for people having the freedom of speech and being able to protest different venues.  BUT I would never stand for such hatred towards a high school that clearly has done nothing wrong to these people.  The Church stated:

“WBC will picket the Fag-Infested, Pervert-Run Dr. Phillips High School on Friday, April 29, from 6:50-7:20am”, “God’s curse is on your Brats, Doomed America!”

What a statement to be made against High School kids that clearly have done nothing to a church in Topeka Kansas.  If this is what God is all about, leave me out of it forever. GOD DOESN’T HATE, HE LOVES!!  God doesn’t condone this behavior and other Christians should take a stance against this kind of behavior as this does nothing but push people further away from joining their causes.  It is also horrible that they teach their children such hatred but yet try to preach about being right.  Go figure!

See their press release to the media.

To view more of their hatred visit:  www.godhatesthemedia.com, www.signmovies.com, www.jewskilledjesus.com, www.godhatestheworld.com, www.priestsrapeboys.com

Videos: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=westboro+baptist+church&aq=f  (what I am amazed is the this group has caused Fox News to defend gays)