A couple day ago I mentioned this kid, Greyson Chance. He was the little guy who made that future S.G.I.T (Seven Girl in Training) go gah-gah.. You saw the video here. I feel somehow the Chronicle has something to do with his fame because it only took two days for him to reach prime time.

Look, I wasn’t a Mack in high school. Sh*t, I barely made it out of that place without my V-Card. This kid, however, is surely getting either A) A new million dollar Wurlitzer in the next week B) A multi-million dollar deal to play in Vegas or C) A 4 year ticket to Jerrad music school.. Christ, the boy could walk up to Brooklyn Decker and ask her to give him a BJ if he wanted.. Kid’s money. I only wish I was this famous at age 13. Here is a lit of things I would have at that age, being rich and all..

  1. The whole Cobra Commander army and the GI Battle Carrier so I could demolish Storm Shadow for going AWOL and trying to revenge his brothers death.
  2. The whole first season of Punky Brewster on VHS.
  3. My step dad’s Chevy NOVA, but painted gloss black with machine gun turrets.
  4. The velcro edition of Moon Boots so I could later on sell them to UGG for a million dollars.
  5. The pre-market specs to Roller Blades.
  6. A mullet with a rat tail just to piss off my parents.
  7. Have the market cornered on Jelly Bracelets and employing Carlton Banks to be my accountant.
  8. That Incredible Hulk Halloween Costume with the plastic mask I always wanted.
  9. Two Words.. Slap Wristbands.
  10. The secret handbook to winning Rock -Scissor- Paper.