Another Olympic Games has come and gone and our beloved American team came in with a career best  haul with a whopping 37 medals in total.  These are athletes who sacrifice their entire lives in order to make it to this moment, the apex of their athletic lives, to hear their National Anthem played and receive that prestigious gold, silver, or bronze medal for their country.  We’ve all heard the stories of parents driving their Olympic hopefuls hundreds of miles a day just to be able to train for the shot at one day having the slim chance of representing America and bringing home the gold.  It is a physically, emotionally, and especially financially draining process for all those involved. While some of our Olympians will go on to sign lucrative endorsement contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, most will go back to their everyday lives just trying to make a buck to pay their rent.  For every Shaun White (snowboarding), Lindsey Vonn (skiing), and Apolo Anton Ohno (speed skating) making millions, you have Johnny Spillane (nordic combined), Katherine Reutter (short track), and Erin Pac (bobsled) struggling to get by.  Don’t get me wrong, winning any Olympic medal is one of the greatest achievements that anyone in sports can ever achieve, but shouldn’t these athletes at least get medals that are real?  The obvious answer is ‘yes, they should’, but sadly the Olympic committee and all of the millions of dollars that their competitors bring in can’t go ahead and drop a little coin to get some real medals.  This is an outrage.  The one thing that these gifted few get to keep forever showing that they we’re champions in their respective fields is nothing but a piece of cheap metal slapped together with the appropriate color. Here’s what these so-called-medals are actually made of and what they are worth. GOLD- 550 grams of silver covered with six grams of gold. Net Worth- $494 Silver- 41 grams of copper and 509 grams of silver. Net Worth- $260 Bronze- A mix of mostly copper with some tin and zinc. Net Worth- $3 This is absolutely insane!  ‘You’ve just won the Olympic gold in the 50K cross country, here’s $500, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way home chump.’  Is it really too much to ask to give these Olympians real medals.  Most of them are probably going to have to pawn them off later in life for some spending money anyways and sentimental value isn’t going to buy them that sweet jet ski they’ve had their eye on.  Maybe this is why the Olympics are falling by the wayside when America’s youth is picking what sports they want to start out in.  We are about to see Peyton Manning sign a deal for around 25 million a year and all our gold medalists are getting is a piece of tin worth $494 bucks.  Thanks for the memories.