Holy Spaghetti O’s sports fans it is finally here, the first game of the season and my beloved Florida State Seminoles have it all on the line against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

It’s like one day you’re sitting on the porch enjoying your summer, then the next day the whole football season is on the line. Like Jeesh NCAA, let a brother catch his breath and get in the groove of the season a little bit. Having your first game this important seems completely ludicrous to me. I hope this big gamble pays off for the Noles! I know it does for the college’s bank accounts, they are both getting over five million dollars for their perspective team’s prime time TV appearance.

At the end of this football game one of these great teams will already have a loss on their season record.

Which could keep them from getting into the college playoffs at the end of the season. Is it fair to the players and coaches to schedule a game this big so early on in the season with such heavy implications? Or is it just a quick money grab for the universities? Either way, for the losing team to have a chance at this year’s Championship. They will most likely have to run the table the entire rest of the college football season. That is no easy task!

So basically one team’s season may be completely over on the very first day that it started. Just so the NCAA can kick the college football season off with high ratings and the universities can stuff $5 Million dollars each in their greedy pockets! To those parties it’s not even risk to the season at all, it’s all just good business. In their mind they won before the football game even started. They won the minute they agreed to sell their team out for a seven-figure paycheck! But I digress… Go Noles!!!