If I leave Miami...you won't see any of these trophies anytime soon!

So now that the 2009-2010 Miami Heat season has officially ended with a first round playoff loss to the Boston Celtics, all the talk in South Florida is directed at whether superstar guard Dwyane Wade is going to bolt for another city, leaving the Miami Heat with some serious issues. It is not just what Wade brings talent-wise on the court. The Heat have no true superstars (sorry Jermaine O’Neal) to compliment Wade. If he is gone, the Heat could drop to one of the bottom teams in the league at a rapid pace.

When asked about his plans, Wade stated “I’ve said it all year ; My heart is here and anybody who knows me knows I’m mostly heart moreso than anything, that’s all I can say. My heart is in Miami. If everything works out, I will be in Miami.”

That should be music to Pat Riley’s (team president) ears. Riley stated in a video on the team’s website, “We can offer Dwyane Wade more money for longer years, more security, than any other team in the league, and believe me, it’s not chump change, the difference between a five-year contract and a six-year contract. Plus, we feel deep down in our heart, this is where he wants to be.”

Wade wouldn’t dispute that. Figures won’t be certain until this summer, but a new six-year deal might be worth around $127 million! Besides paying Wade, the Heat will have enough salary cap money to give another superstar such as LeBron James or Chris Bosh almost an equally big pile of money, and potentially could even add a third All-Star caliber player to the mix. That’s the plan, and if Riley pulls it off, Miami might have to start planning for a lot more June parades down Biscayne Boulevard.

Adding interest to the Wade saga seems to be where close pals Dorell Wright and Udonis Haslem wind up. And that is clearly on Wade’s mind. “The biggest thing for me is I want them guys to get their worth,” Wade said. “I want to see them guys succeed. I would love for it to be here. I would love for them to be with me for the rest of my career. But you just don’t know.”

Top Miami Heat brass know how big this offseason is for the team. Next year, the “season-ticket” prices will increase, fans were warned long ago. The team had a “Summer of 2010” logo drawn up and is promising “blockbuster” moves. Riley and team owner Micky Arison even recorded video messages for potential ticket-buyers to click on and hopefully be persuaded to buy into the promise Miami is selling. When asked what the top Miami selling points are Arison said, “Number one, it’s playing with Dwyane Wade. And number two and three, it’s probably that, too.”

Treez says: The list of teams that Wade may be considering, or are considering Wade, include the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls. Wade may be using the Knicks as leverage, and since he was born in Chicago, it only makes sense that he considers the Bulls. The Heat have made a promise to fans that this was the year they were going to take a serious step at becoming the dynasty South Florida wants. The ONLY way to make that happen is by signing Dwyane Wade!