Now this is a democrat that I can get behind. Meet Randy Bryce (Iron Stache) the ironworker and life long resident of Paul Ryan’s district in Wisconsin. Not only is this guy more honest, more reliable, and more endearing. He is a man’s man and let’s face it Ryan is still just a boy. Thus Bryce is a man who I predict may easily unseat the Speaker of the House.

Paul Ryan’s brand is also heavily damaged, after he was outed for taking a huge donation from Sheldon Adelson, in order to start supporting Donald Trump for President. Then after Ryan sold his soul to the Trussian President. Trump and his friends at Breitbart tossed Ryan threw the Republican media machine multiple times recently, leaving his political brand in re-election tatters.

So lets face it, Paul Ryan’s political future rises and falls with Donald Trump and it’s not looking good right now for either one of them.

For me, I will be donating heavy behind this democrat and any others like him. This is the kind of democrat I want to see leading my party. Real life people, speaking real life truth to power. This guy is an ironworker, cancer survivor, and army war veteran. Can’t find more character than that in a candidate. Good luck Paul Ryan, you’re gonna need it!