How many times a day do you use the internet? Have you ever given thought to what life would be like if online capabilities were revoked in or modern age and not seen as a right? These questions aren’t too much of a worry for those of us that live within the United States. However, for those that live in other countries, this cannot be seen as the same. Some areas throughout the world put large amounts of censorships and have even higher amounts of data mining then you’d possibly imagine.


Internet Rights…?


The United States is a country with many different ideals and policies. One thing can definitely be certain though; Internet is a service that we all should have the right to explore and use to our content. Without the internet in this day and age, there would be such a drastic decline of research and news available to each and every citizen. Other areas, especially in the East and Mid-East, have high restrictions on these internet services.


Restrictive Internet Boundaries


There are two big names that have very high restrictions on internet use that all will recognize. Egypt and China. Although they are well known areas for anyone throughout the world, these two countries have very strict allowances on access. Within Egypt, there are hundreds of websites that have been restricted due to government interference. These websites consist mainly of media organizations in order to block direct news of their choosing.

China on the other hand has taken this to an even bigger extreme. Their internet is no where near the same internet that we as Americans know. Large restrictions are made and to some points are almost unbelievable. For example, there are many people in China who have never even heard of some of the major websites that we use. These being Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and hundreds of more. Mostly being foreign websites, the authoritarian ideas of China limit the country’s knowledge of places outside their home. Be happy that we as a nation have very low restrictions on internet and have the ability to research and use most, if not anything, we choose.