Miami Beach Convention Center is hosting this week one of the biggest events in the world of interior design, decoration and architecture – Maison & Object. Unlike Art Basel, there are several satellite events happening all over the town.

This year, the organizers went for a complete inclusion of everything related to décor, design and architecture. From tableware, rags, carpets, wall décor, to all kinds of decoration materials and textiles – this trade show has it all. If something catches your eye, you can buy it right there. One of the showcases is Javier Gomes, a photographer from New York who is also an artist, presents his art at the show. He was featured in People’s magazine recently as one of the 6 sexiest artists alive. His mandalas are actually six shots of the same picture put together resulting in magnificent lucite tables. According to the artist they represent the circle of life.

Sam Robbin, interior designer who designed the house for Bianca among other things, is back on the show this year.

The show occupies also the Miami Design district as well and seems to be really conquering the city. Maison & Object is a real hit this week in Miami Beach. Don’t miss out on this global event in the world of design and home decoration.