Women are straightening their hair at an unprecedented rate these days. According to market research cited by Cosmopolitan, 71 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 24 use flat irons. And more  and more of these women are deciding on Infrashine as their hair straightener of choice.

Whether you’re a salon professional who wants to make your clients’ hair look amazing, or just a girl who wants to look like she just had her hair done by a salon professional, you’ll want to check out the fantastic selection of Infrashine hair straighteners offered at RegalHairColor.com.

Infrashine flat irons will leave your hair soft and silky smooth every time with absolutely no frying.

“Infrashine flat irons use the original patented infrared ray radiant heat, patented ceramic multi-layered heating elements that lock in negative ions and transform into micro molecules that infuse moisture and shine into the hair,” Infrashine writes on its website. “Multi-Layer ceramic heating elements and ceramic plates generate negative ion and far-infrared ray heat that keeps moisture and shine in the hair and protects hair color and styles last longer.”

The reviews for Infrashine’s line of products are in, and they are outstanding.   Professional stylists and consumers alike are raving about Infrashine.

From beauty-styles.com:

“Used by many salons/stylists having good experiences with this hair straightener so many salon clients bought an Infrashine ceramic flat iron for own use. Online reviews show excellent ratings.”

“Online reviews about (Infrashine) show excellent ratings. … Performance and price beat many flat iron brands.”

The editors at Focus on Hair chose Infrashine hair straightening tools as some of their favorite hair and beauty care products.

“Infrashine tools are made with authentic ceramic-infused surfaces, paddles and barrels that are powder coated and highly polished for ultimate smoothness,” Focus on Hair writes. “And they all use PTFC heaters that deliver precise heat control, superior hair protection, and enhanced styling performance. Requiring less wattage and electrical current, this gentle, infrared-ray heat creates negative ions that close the cuticle layer to smooth and defriz even the coarsest hair and instill unbelievable shine. The Infrashine 1/2-inch mini iron is specifically designed to create smaller curls on short hair and along close, tight hairlines. They heat up in seconds, producing evenly controlled heat that eliminates cold spots so you can quickly straighten hair in one pass and then curl, flip, or press it into virtually any shape or style.”

No matter if your hair is super curly or frizzy, thick, wavy or unruly, Infrashine flat irons will get it perfectly straight and beautifully shiny every time.  And since the flat irons get hot quickly and straighten  even the curliest hair in one pass, you’ll be able do your hair and be on your way out the door in no time.

Also, the variable heat control allows you to use a lower setting than with similar products to get the same result.

Infrashine is the choice of plenty of hair care professionals, both when they’re at work in the salon or at home doing their own hair. And stylists who have convinced their clients to purchase one of their own are unanimous – their clients love them, too.

Doesn’t it make sense to use the same flat iron being used by the pros?

If you just answered yes to that question, head over to RegalHairColor.com, where you’ll find an assortment of Infrashine hair straightening products at some of the best prices on the market.

Here are some of the Infrashine offerings at Regal, all affordably priced.

Can you find cheaper flat irons at your local drug store? Without a doubt.  If you go that route, prepared to be underwhelmed and disappointed.  For many women, flat irons purchased at a CVS or Walgreens end up in the drawer unused, because they often fail to make hair straight and shiny.  Even if they do work, your hair won’t stay straight for long – by lunch time, you’re back to frizzin’ out.  Plus, they tend to burn out quickly.

Infrashine flat irons do the job their intended to do: Straighten and shine your hair, without causing damage. Your hair will stay straight for hours, if not days. Many women report that their hair stays straight for up to two or three days after using Infrashine products.

If you straighten your hair frequently, an Infrashine flat iron is no doubt worth the investment.

Infrashine flat irons are also perfectly-sized, compact enough to fit into your luggage easily for traveling.

Infrashine Ceramic tools are warranted against any defects in workmanship or materials for one year from date of purchase.

Infrashine flat irons, of course, are just part of what RegalHairColor has to offer salon owners and ladies who care about their hair.

Also check out Regal’s hair dryers and shears.

Plus, straight from Italy, Regal has an amazing line of Ceriotti salon furniture, including sinks, chairs, stations, mirrors, trolleys and barber chairs.   Also check out, Ceriotti bonnet dryers, color processors, salon steamers and salon sterilizers.

To purchase any of these products, or for more information, visit RegalHairColor.com or call (800) 734-2593.

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