An inflatable hoodie pillow made by Burton is the coolest and nicest product out right now. This is the hottest hoodie on the market. Everyone is wanting them.

They make this inflatable hoodie pillow so that you can use it anywhere because a lot of people are always on the go. You can take a quick nap anywhere and anytime you want with this new hoodie. The pillow is made so well to fit inside, you can’t even tell.

“These things are amazing. Designed with air travel in mind; it sports an inflatable neck pillow, plus hidden compartments for your MP3 player, passport, and uh earplugs. It even sports thumb holes in the sleeves for cold hands and pit zips when you start to heat up. Best (and possibly scariest) of all, a light shield pulls down to block out photons and scare the hell out of the people around you. If you’re in the middle seat of a transoceanic flight, wearing this hoodie isn’t even optional. It’s essential.” Read more here at Wired.