Too old??? I didn't even have my first threesome till 75!

Narayan Dutt Tiwari, a member of the Indian National Congress and governor of Andhra Pradesh, has resigned from office. Tiwari’s resignation comes in the wake of a huge sex scandal. The scandal erupted after footage was released of the politician in bed with three young girls. The best part of the story is that Mr. Tiwari is a ripe 86 years old. In the video Tiwari is seen laying in bed as the girls hook up with each other and perform various sex acts on him (now that’s what I call enjoying the golden years!) The sad part of the story is that Indian courts just rejected a paternity suit against Tiwari. The lawsuit came from the son of a party activist, who was alleged to have had an extramarital affair with Tiwari. Too bad for the son that the video hadn’t hit the airwaves sooner. It surely would have had an influence on the courts decision. The scandal was broke by ABN Andhra Jyoti News, a TV station in India that continually aired the sex tape until stopped by Indian authorities. However this hasn’t stopped anyone from watching the clip on You Tube. Where it has become one of the site’s most watched videos. The news station also reported that the sting was set by a woman named Radikha who Tiwari had a back door deal with. In the deal Radikha would provide Tiwari with a constant stream of new girls in exchange for a very lucrative mining contract. Tiwari however backed out of the deal before delivering the contract. The video sting was set up and released by Radikha as pay back. Ahhh revenge it can be so sweet or, in this case, so sweaty! PS. Next time someone is mad at me over a business deal, please feel free to set me up with three girls as pay back. Jeesh it sounds so awful, oh the humanity… -2d2gc