War hero, Republican, and Intel-committe member John McCain is now saying publicly that an independent investigator into the Russian collusion with the Donald Trump presidential campaign is necessary. McCain says that the congress has lost the ability to investigate itself, adding that this is not a statement he makes lightly.

To which the rest of us said, duh John McCain!

Of course we can’t trust these republicans to investigate themselves. They routinely put party before country. Even the democrats should not be allowed to investigate themselves. Hell, no one should be allowed to investigate themselves!!! It literally makes no fucking sense at all, to let any person or governmental body investigate itself. That is literally the opposite of an investigation.

No matter what happens in this investigation or where it leads us. We need to make sure we bring all the Donald Trump campaign surrogates in to testify under oath, sooner rather than later. Some people in the blogosphere are already saying that General Michael Flynn is singing like a canary to the FBI to get out of trouble. But, those reports have not been substantiated yet. So its high time Congress get on the ball, and get their investigation moving!