– – David Hasselhoff and his daughters are planning to bring their UK reality show to the United States, and they are hoping that the new series of ‘Meet The Hasselhoffs’ will prove that they are not the family portrayed in the tabloids.

The former “America’s Got Talent” judge, “Baywatch” star, internet viral video icon and insanely loved singer in Germany will star in the show alongside his daughters, 17-year-old Hayley and 20-year-old Taylor Ann. Hayley has claimed that people will be surprised by what they see.
“I think the biggest thing of why we’re doing it is to prove the tabloids wrong. The greatest thing about our family is that we don’t care. We don’t care if anybody talks bad about us. We laugh it off. We stay true to ourselves. We know what’s happening at home. We don’t need to tell the public – we don’t need to explain it to the public…” Interesting view considering they are going to be completely judged on reality TV and what those people think translates to ratings.

– – Nicole Eggert, Traci Bingham, Gena Lee Nolin and Donna D’Errico will all be a part of the show. Sources connected to the project say the show will be based on how the former beach patrollers — are dealing with life post Hasselhoff. Photo’d with the ladies is reality TV agent, David Weintraub, VP of Development at Stone & Co. Entertainment, the company that’s producing the show.

Several networks have made offers on the show — but it’s unclear where the babes will end up. This will prove for an interesting debate for many men. Are these women too old to masturbate to, like so many guys did when the ladies were in their Baywatch “primes”?

– – Earlier this week, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston reunited, with Johnston giving Palin an engagement ring with plans to be married soon. The two seem to be sure about what they want, and don’t really care what mama Sarah, or Levi’s mama Sherry think (Sherry only learned through the media). The good news (or bad news depending on context) is that they will be conducting their new love fest in a new reality TV show. Word is, they are shopping around a reality show focusing on their life as parents to two-year-old Tripp.


No specific networks are mentioned, but one has to wonder whether Discovery Networks is in the hunt, given they’ve already inked a deal for Sarah Palin on the company’s TLC cable channel. Let’s hope Bristol takes a few more lessons from Mama Palin in the TV-charisma department if this proposed show ever makes the air. She was bombarded with critiques for her appearance on ABC Family’s “Secret Life of an American Teenager” in June.