City Link you really got your finger on the pulse......of a dead person.

Charles Caleb Colton said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and he was right. However when an appendage of the biggest newspaper company in town prints the exact same cover you ran a month ago, it’s pretty pathetic. Check out the dates on these two covers; The South Florida Chronicle’s “Jersey Shore” cover came out a full month before City Link ran the exact same item, proving once and for all that we are so far ahead of them we are about to start another life. Not to mention, the story that went with the cover called the Jersey Shore cast, Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and Billy Joel all douchebags. Really City Link, or are you guys just a bunch of haters? I’m going with the latter. I honestly have no idea who’s running things over there, but my guess is it’s a team of poorly trained monkeys. The fact is, City Link is a shell of its former self and is in its final days. The sad twist is instead of putting some real effort into their publication to stay competitive, they have turned to biting other peoples’ covers. Hatin’ on people with real talent, or in the case of the Jersey Shore, hatin’ on young new celebrities. City Link is a joke, it’s unoriginal, boring and looks like sh*t. Get it off all the streets already. Leave us to duke it out with the true king of the streets: The New Times. It’s time for the Sun Sentinel to accept defeat and pull the plug on this project before they embarrass themselves further. City Link isn’t even a has been; it’s a never was. Put it out of its misery already. – Kid Chronic