So, you’ve braved the strong summer winds and hearty waters? Its time to brace for Mother Nature’s colder and more enduring side! Ice fishing has been popular for a long time and recently has begun receiving more and more attention from the angler community. People have been slicing a hole in the ice and praying for that catch in the deep cold for a while. This here, will be your guide so that you’re not ill-prepared for your first trips ice fishing.


Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance


That’s right, in order for your ice fishing excursions to be successful, you must be properly prepared. Many fishermen have gone without the correct clothing, equipment and tools. These people have gone home cold, hungry and sad. Sometimes, an error in preparation can lead to misfortune. Nobody wishes to feel that stabbing ice cold water that their prey is slowly awaiting food in. You have to have clothes that prepare you for the cold. Whether that be thermals and multiple layers, or even two jackets. Keep warm, so you can focus on the task at hand. Safety is of the upmost importance for all of the anglers out on the ice. If you can, try not to be alone out there on the ice to make sure nothing bad happens.


Local Waters are Safe and Successful!


Try to stay in your local area if you’re a beginner ice angler. Bait shops will give you a good idea of what exactly works for the fish in the area during cold weather. Make sure to bring the proper gear. You’re going to want something to sit on that ideally won’t be sticking to the ice. Also, not too heavy to break the ice. If you’re lugging some gear, make sure to keep it light and put it on a sled of some sort. Sleds offer easy transportation on snow and ice. While also, maintaining a lighter and portable form than something with wheels. Make sure to bring your ice auger to slice the ice open and plenty of gear to keep warm. Good luck anglers, and stay safe!