The Hurricane that just blew through Palm Beach County, Florida was insane. The weathermen and woman had no idea where this thing was going to hit. First they tell everyone it’s going to hit on the East Coast, then all of a sudden it goes the other way to the West Coast. People were evacuating at every which direction to get out of dodge. Some people went North and got stuck in it, some flew out of the state to get away and some of us just rode it out because we had no choice.

I hope everyone that did ride it out, made it safely to where ever they had to be. This certainly wasn’t something to mess around with. I believe the storm did a lot of damage to people’s homes and businesses. Power has been out for two days already and they say it maybe another 3-5 days without it. School buildings have been used as shelters for anyone that didn’t have somewhere to go, so they would be as safe as possible. Kids are stuck and bored at home because schools have been closed Monday, Tuesday and probably Wednesday.

Who’s got the power – and when’s it coming back

Across the state, about 3.1 million Florida Power and Light customers remain without power as of 11 p.m. In Palm Beach County, 446,270 customers remain without power, up by nearly 20,000 more customers from the 10 p.m. FPL update. In Martin County, 59,460. In St. Lucie, 73,770 remain without power. No firm timeline has been established. Restoration could take weeks. FPL is assessing damage, beginning full-scale restoration, and expects have restoration time estimates within the next few days.

Some quick notes on FPL efforts:

18,000 workers have been mobilized to restore power

Irma caused more than half the state to lose power, making it the most massive outage Florida and FPL have ever experienced.

Crews worked during the storm.

3.6 million customers lost power; 976,000 have had power restored”

Be safe and I hope everyone gets their power back as soon as possible. See the video below.