This video is freaking amazeballs.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. Wow, some people are so fucking amazing and do such awesome shit with their lives. Mad respect to all of those humans out their toiling at great things.
  2. Learn something new everyday, lions are too violent for humans to hang out with or interact with? Nope, apparently not all. Apparently you can have a lion in the wild as a friend. That’s incredible.
  3. As humans we do not respect animals in the world enough. We are not honest about our impact on them, and thus our responsibility to them for that impact.
  4. If lions go extinct I think that would be a major blow to humanity and a very sad day. To lose the king of the jungle, would be an emblematic and disturbing sign of our negative impact on the world around us.
  5. I absolutely have to visit Africa before I die. I mean talk about amazing. Its like another world and another time all wrapped in one. I absolutely have to see it for myself someday.