How Israel can improve its image–

With the recent raid on the ship from Turkey seeking to run the blockade of Gaza, nine people were killed by Israeli soldiers after the soldiers lowered themselves down from helicopters and were attacked. This has been confirmed by video of the incident.

After this there were anti-Israel demonstrations led by those outraged by what had happened in different parts of the world along with many from the American left and some in the Muslim community. Israel was swiftly condemned for their actions along with the blockade. Many news publications and other outlets of the left-stream media covered the story in depth.

Israel clearly has a public relations problem, and here are some suggestions that should help. If Israel adopts these reforms it is almost guaranteed that no member of American left wing groups will demonstrate against or condemn Israel. Israel will also earn some neglect by the media. They must institute these policies and do so quickly.

Additionally women in Israel must be forced to wear clothing that completely covers their bodies and faces except slits for their eyes. This is enforced in Saudi Arabia by the religious police. Apparently this is an admired practice by American feminists and the American left because they never complain about it. It is rare that any media outlet even mentions it. One must assume that if Israel adopted an identical policy, it too would win favor among the left and it would get very light press coverage also.

It was recently reported in The New York Daily News that the Taliban hanged a seven-year-old boy allegedly for spying in Afghanistan. No outrage or demonstrations were seen here by the Muslim community or by the American left. I have no doubt that if Israel hanged a seven-year-old boy for spying, this too would also be ignored by the American left.

Jews of different sects must start to bomb and kill each other just like the Sunnis and Shiites do. There are never any demonstrations protesting these actions in Western countries. Surely if Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox Jews start murdering each other this will win them respect and love from the American left and other western leftists. Nothing ensures a love affair with many in the American press than a good bombing. Recently bombs went off in Iraq that killed scores of people; no one protested, and it was barely mentioned in the press. No demonstrations were seen in the streets.

Israel must immediately start oppressing minority sects like the Ahmadis. The Ahmadis consider themselves Muslims but believe that there was another prophet besides Muhammad. Because of this they are regarded as heretics. An Ahmadi in Pakistan who utters the traditional Muslim greeting salaam aleykum is subject to arrest and imprisonment. Many have been killed for their faith. There have been no demonstrations about this situation and the media barely covers this with any continuity or depth. Israel must immediately start to arrest and imprison minority religious group members also. In this manner they can gain favor with western intellectuals.

It is obvious from the numerous examples of Christians being persecuted in Muslim countries that this policy gains a nation favor among the American left which is so eager to demonstrate against Israel. Perhaps Israel should follow the examples of religious tolerance seen in the Muslim nations. At least nine Christians were killed by Muslim militants in Nigeria. Once again there were no demonstrations against this and it was barely covered in the left-stream media. Sharia law has been imposed on parts of Nigeria.

Israel must start to encourage honor killings among its citizens. Honor killings, a feature of Middle Eastern life, occurs when a woman or girl is killed by her male relatives after she has stained the family reputation by engaging in sexual relations while unmarried–even if they aere raped. The UN has issued estimates that approximately 5000 of these killings occur each year. Killing the girl or woman restores the honor of the family. This sounds reasonable enough, and there is no doubt that Israel would win favor among the leftists in the western nations if only they adopt this practice. One can read about honor killings in the USA at USA Today also covered this at
Have you ever witnessed a demonstration against this practice? Judging by their silence on the matter, one would have to assume that American feminists favor this practice.

By now it should seem obvious that Israel should adopt these and many other “reforms” to have a better image in the West.