By Carlos Noda From the bottom to the top, Ludacris just keeps rising higher and higher!

Me & Luda!  Conjure that!

Me & Luda--Conjure that!

The word ‘ludicrous’,  meaning to provoke laughter in ridiculous, clever ways, has seemingly been replaced in the modern era and is now synonymous with the entrepreneur and entertainer extraordinaire that is Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges. Ludacris has become a huge icon not only in the hip-hop community but also in the public eye across the entire world. He manipulated the word ludicrous by changing the spelling and interpreted the definition into his own witty, clever, and infectious music; essentially, these modifications flipped the whole genre of hip hop at a time when one-hit wonders from the corporate recording world were cranking out superhero gangster rappers, who all looked and sounded like they were cut from the same stereotypical rap cookie cutter. “Luda” was born Christopher Brian Bridges in Champaign, Illinois September 11, 1977.  He began rapping at the age of nine, and at age 12 moved to Atlanta, Georgia where it all began. In 1995 he attended Georgia State University as a music business major for some time until he decided to withdraw and pursue his rap career. Well, as you already know, due to his unique and outlandish style and lyrics, he headed straight to the top. After submitting one of his demo tapes to local radio station Hot 97 FM, he landed an internship and ultimately a prime-time radio show under the personality of “Chris Lova Lova”. In the year 2000, he decided to release his first record on his own, titled “Incognegro”, and created the Disturbing tha Peace record label. It ended up selling 30,000 copies and generated considerable word of mouth for the artist. Due to the success, Ludacris signed on as the first artist to Def Jam Records’ then fledgling Def Jam South label. He released his first hit single “What’s Your Fantasy” and dropped the album “Back for the First Time”, which sold more than three million copies and “…solidified him as the South’s prince of rhyme,” according to The Source, a popular hip-hop magazine. He’s continued to manufacture hit after hit, and year after year he strives  to crank out hard-hitting smash singles. It is impossible to overlook these masterpieces, including hip-hop classics in which he has given his ravenous audience many different ways to please sexual needs and tear up the ‘poonani’ with “What’s your Fantasy”,   and he has showed us his “Southern Hospitality”, while teaching us all how to “Roll Out”. He’s  smoked us out with some “Blueberry Yum Yum” and reminded us that “Saturday” was meant to party, all the while prompting us to scream “Move-Bitch get out the way!” while stuck in rush-hour traffic on I-95. Luda has even schooled us on how to have hoes in different “Area Codes” and make women shake their “Money Maker”[s]. Beyond his musical achievements, Ludacris helped raise awareness about missing children when he founded the Ludacris Foundation to inspire youth and foster community economic development.  He even partnered with the National Runaway Switchboard: a communication system spanning the nation that assists youths who have run away or who are considering fleeing their homes and families. Ludacris has ultimately managed to accomplish the “American Dream” above and beyond expectation by truly and successfully embodying the meaning of the word entrepreneur. In his short career, he has released seven multi-platinum albums, been in an Oscar-winning film, received 17 Grammy Award nominations and successfully taken home three. He has even entered the world of food and beverage by releasing his own brand of delicious Cognac called Conjure. Regarding his many accomplishments, Luda’s top five are “definitely winning a Grammy for Best Rap Album, being in [the] Oscar-winning film “Crash”, the birth of my daughter, signing my first record contract, and Conjure Cognac — those are the five,” he told the BoomBox. For the release of Ludacris’ Conjure Cognac, he went on a nationwide tour promoting his new bottle one liquor store at a time, pouring free shots for his fans, autographing bottles and meeting, greeting, and taking pictures with anyone who simply asked.Yes, I know you’re jealous, but I, yours truly, had the absolute pleasure and honor of meeting the one and only Luda! I couldn’t believe how real, genuine, kind, sincere, and caring this man really was to a complete stranger. Once the pandemonium started to die down a bit, I took the chance and yelled out “Luda, can I get a picture with you?” He simply smiled, nodded his head, and said “Yeah, of course. Come on.” He noticed that I had been sipping on the free shots of his new libation and said to me “I see you’re enjoying it, huh?” and yes; I was feeling pretty good…so good, in fact, that I didn’t know what he was talking about and said “Enjoyin’ what?” He chuckled for a quick second but stopped himself short as to avoid being rude, pointed at my shot glass and said “The drink”. I chuckled at myself with embarassment and said “Oh, it’s delicious, thanks!” We both laughed as he leaned his arm on my shoulder while holding a bottle of his cognac with his blinged-out, big-ass pinky ring, and the moment was captured. Ludacris just released his latest single “How Low Can You Go”, which is becoming a huge success as he prepares to release his new album “Battle of the Sexes” this spring. Ludacris is an unstoppable force, always releasing new music that we love to keep our spirits high. He continues to inspire people around the globe, and although Ludacris has already fulfilled a lifetime of accomplishments, you can bet that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. How high can Luda go? We’ll have to wait and find out.