The high-quality and diverse products offered at Blue Moon Hemp have numerous therapeutic properties that can bring comfort and peace to consumers suffering from a myriad of ailments, and the potential benefits of CBD oil are only beginning to be discovered.

CBD oil has be proven to be able to help people suffering from anxiety, PTSD, epilepsy and diabetes, and even has the ability to destroy cancer cells. Another major benefit of CBD oil can is easing chronic pain.

Chronic pain affects an estimated 100 million Americans and is the primary reason Americans are on disability. There are many different treatments for pain, but in recent years, the number of prescriptions for opioid pain relivers has increased dramatically.

As a result, there have been increases in both treatment admissions for prescription addictions as well as accidental overdoses. CBD oils offers a much safer, non-addictive and less expensive way to treat the scourge of chronic pain without the harsh side effects.

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The chronic pain of football players

Many professional athletes, particularly pro football players, are among those dealing with chronic pain. The NFL has reluctantly begun to come to terms with the destruction its game can wreak upon players’ minds and bodies. Research is bringing to the light the toll these players absorb while playing football, often ending in the degenerative brain disease CTE. The punishment these players endure by competing in the NFL often results in a multitude of injuries and chronic pain that lasts well past their playing days.

Players often turn to opioids in the form of painkillers and shots to ease their suffering – because these drugs are allowed in the NFL, while hemp-based remedies, like CBD oil, are not. Trainers are all too willing to provide these dangerous, addictive narcotics to protect their teams’ investments and keep the players on the field.

Former NFL lineman Jason Peter is a cautionary tale of excess. At one point in his life, Peter was swallowing 80 painkillers a day, along with a cocktail of cocaine, crack and alcohol to dull the pain he accrued during his tenure in the league. He is a poster child of why CBD oil should be allowed in the league.

CBD oil, like all the flavors and varieties found at Blue Moon Hemp, would provide players a more healthy, sustainable treatment program that the opioid-based track many are currently on. View popular CBD oil flavors.

Changing minds

Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan is publicly calling for the NFL to examine the benefits of CBD, joining forces with a number of retired players, like former Broncos and Cardinals quarterback Jake Plummer, who espouses the benefits of CBD oil.

CBD oil technically doesn’t even qualify as marijuana under federal law, yet it continues to be a banned substance under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement. Expect this issue to be part of the next round of labor negotiations.

CBD oil is “not about getting stoned,” Morgan stressed in an article posted on “It’s not about guys getting high and abusing it. It’s about the medicine behind it.”\

There is evidence suggesting retired NFL players misuse opioid pain medications at a rate more than four times that of the general population, and addiction most often begins during their playing careers.

Plummer was smarter than these players, though. After he retired, he began taking CBD oil to deal with nagging headaches without taking traditional painkillers.

“It’s really a no-brainer,” said Plummer, per CBS News. “It’s an awful way to say this, but it is: It’s a no brainer for the brain. Save the brain, you save the game.”

Changes in attitudes

The country is undergoing a seismic shift in attitudes toward marijuana, as 26 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana in some form. Much of this change in attitude stems from marijuana’s medicinal benefits.

The NFL, though, is being stubborn, as is its wont. While the league insists its “top priority is the health and safety of our players,” it reports its “medical experts have not recommended making a change or revisiting our collectively-bargained policy and approach related to marijuana.”

Any change to the league’s drug policy would require a revision to the CBA, and even the union seems slow to protect its own constituency. George Atallah, assistant executive director of the NFLPA, says it’s important to take a methodical approach to the issue.

“I think that we can’t get ahead of the medical and scientific community on this,” Atallah said.

But at this point, the league is putting politics and PR ahead of player safety and care, and is behind the times.

CBD oil can make the game safer

Former NFL defensive end Marvin Washington has become a crusader for the healing power of cannabis and CBD oil. He has become a leader of a budding movement of former players calling on the league and its union to embrace cannabis and CBD oil as solutions to two problems that threaten the future of pro football: traumatic brain injuries and painkiller addiction.

“I don’t want to kill football,” said Washington, per The Cannabist. “I want to make it safer — with marijuana.”

The products from Blue Moon Hemp offer solutions to exactly what these players suffer from: chronic pain and in many cases, brain injuries.
CBD oil, which can either be ingested, smoked through a vape or taken with a delicious piece of gum, can be part of a full body pain management regimen. To alleviate specific sore or painful areas, Blue Moon Hemp also offers a CBD essential oil salve to rub directly on the skin to penetrate muscles and joints and treat pain at its core.

The NFL needs to tackle this fight head-on. Locate a CBD oil store near you.