The Real housewives of Orange Country star, Shannon Beador opened up about her co-star Kelly Dodd’s remarks with the c-word and says that it was so disappointing. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said, “I’ve never been called that word before. So, there’s a first time for everything.” She added, “It was a very vicious attack. Everyone in the room was shaken up after it. That’s all I have to say … I don’t know where it comes from. I don’t have any explanations.” Another co-star of Beador, Heather Dubrow previously shared about the evening and said, “I had a visceral reaction to the events of that evening that I could never have predicted. I could not have predicted the events, or my response to them.”

This drama occurred during Shannon’s ‘70s-themed party where all the stars were present. During a chatting session Kelly claimed that Shannon “set her up” and has been the reason behind her one-time separation with her husband. Responding to these words Shannon told ET, “I saw red. I didn’t remember what I was screaming at her. I had to ask people, ‘What did I say?’ You know, when you’re pushed to that level of anger? So, I’m not proud of myself for that at all.” She added, “All of these things happened in less than a week’s period. I was pretty much done … It was like, round three! Ready for round three!”