Here is your whole afternoon already planned out for you with super dope house beats from all of us down here in South Florida, delivered right to your northern ear drums via the magic of the intra-webs. Moving to South Florida from upstate New York is a hell of a jump, lucky for me I had a hold over in college at FSU that helped ease the transition into the South Florida lifestyle. In the end of them most noticeable differences in South Florida verse the rest of the country is the influence of killer house music all over the tri-county area.

The tri-county of South Florida is composed of Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties where there are over 7.5 million people residing. In Broward County alone there are over 15,000 restaurants, 50,000 boats, and 440 miles of navigable waterways. No matter where you go here in Fort Lauderdale or in any of the other cities of the tri-county, all you ever hear playing is house music. From the night clubs, to the nicest restaurants, and of course in all the gyms. The house beats seem to speed up everyone’s life by a few notches. I personally find it amazingly energizing. The house music take over in SFL helps keep me hustling! Which is certainly what you need to do, to survive in the South Florida mega economy where an 800 square foot efficiency apartment by the beach, costs a mere $500k!

Here is two full sets from Spinnin Records, one from Hot Vibes, and one from Shine Music so you can live the South Florida lifestyle even if you’re not here!