Dayton King gloversvilleUnder the leadership of Mayor Dayton King, Gloversville, New York has become one of the most dangerous cities in the State. Gloversville currently ranks an alarming 5th on the list of most dangerous cities in New York. The city rankings were made from a combination of statistics by the website See how the scoring system breaks down below.

“We started with a list of the 50 most populous cities in New York and ranked them from one to 50 in each of the following categories. All data found through the FBI website unless otherwise noted. All data scaled on a “per capita” basis.:

  • Law Enforcement Officers Per Capita – If there are few officers around, it is reasonable to think that help may not be on the way as quickly as one would hope should trouble arise. A note about this stat: There were seven cities for which we could not find this data, which you’ll be able to find marked with an “N/A” in the table below.
  • Violent Crime Per Capita – This includes murder, robbery, and aggravated assault. This is not the number of people committing these crimes, but rather the number of occurrences.
  • Property Crime Per Capita – This includes larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson. The more of these occurrences a city had, the higher it ranked.
  • Registered Sex Offenders Per Capita – Knowing this data is often a big factor when choosing a place to live. Data from
  • Percentage of Population Enrolled in Health Care – Injuries and sickness will always cost money to get healed, but with insurance that out-of-pocket cost is less. We feel this directly correlates to a person’s safety because if you don’t have this, you are putting yourself at risk of not being able to cure yourself should you be hurt or sick. The cities with the fewest citizens to have this ranked higher. Data from the US Census.”

Here are the top five most dangerous cities in New York according to this years list.

1. Niagara Falls

2. Schenectady

3. Newburgh

4. Rochester

5. Gloversville


Here are some more stats about your safety in Gloversville, New York.

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You may feel like Dayton King is a nice man, or even maybe a cool mayor, because he talks to you on Facebook. However, the reality is that the city is much less safe under his leadership than it was in the past. The police harass the good people, waiting for them to come out of bars, not wear their seat belt, or god forbid, smoke or grow some pot. All the while violent crime is running rampant in the city, sex offenders are preying on the tax payers’ children, and tens of thousands of dollars in city property are literally walking out the front door right under his nose. For all we know, he may be in on the $10,000 bell theft, I mean who else knew it was there? That’s not even mentioning the disgusting bicycles he chained to every pole on Main Street, making a mockery out of the entire downtown, or the fact that they had a ten thousand dollar bell gathering dust in storage, when the city desperately needed money to pave Kingsboro Avenue for its highest tax-paying citizens. So I ask you, Gloversville, is it really any surprise to you, that a guy who couldn’t manage his own house, is having trouble managing a whole city?