E! News reports to talk about Hollywoods highest paid TV stars. This is separate from movie stars as they are in a different category so this list will be regarding just the TV Stars and just the TV stars in Hollywood. The Big Bang stars are TV’s highest paid comedy actors and they are super rich for this highly successful show that for some reason people find very funny. The main few actors each get $1 million dollars per episode and are rolling around in the money. Judge Judy makes about $47 million a year for her courtroom reality tv ridiculous shows.

Matt Lauer makes 25 million a year and Ellen makes a fine $20 million a year for her hosting of her day time talk show. Kelly Rippa makes about 16-20 million dollars a year and is super rich too. The Gilmore girls stars get about $750 thousand dollars per episode and are raking in the cash for their girl loved TV show.