Billie Jean James was last seen walking away from her house back in April. The police had previously been to her home on many occasions and conducted searches but found nothing. Feared dead, the police brought body-sniffing dogs to search her home and the surrounding desert but still found nothing. Then, all of the sudden, after four months her husband discovered her body inside the house!  You see, Billie Jean was a hoarder and their house was filled with so much garbage that there was only a small path for people to walk through. Her husband discovered her when he spotted two feet sticking out from under one of the junk piles. Police Spokesman Bill Cassell had this to say, “For our dogs to go through that house and not find something should be indicative of the tremendous environmental challenges they faced”. Billie Jean’s husband, Bill, says she was a hoarder, and friends say she came home every day with various items from local thrift shops. Her body was found underneath a pile of debri that spanned the height from the floor to the ceiling. Some neighbors, however, like Sari Connolly told the AP that she’s pretty skeptical about the whole situation, especially when sniffer dogs couldn’t even find her: “I’m trying to figure out how a body couldn’t smell so bad — that’s what everyone’s saying”.