Jimmy Fallon realizes that a viral photo of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton swiping into a New York City subway station put his sportswear collection, Hands High, in the spotlight.

So everybody from New York City seems to try to get into presidential campaign, including Clinton. Hillary Clinton went on a New York City subway today trying to show that she is like a real New Yorker. So she does not drive a car, instead she uses subway. Anyway, her card does not work as she wsipes it to enter. And this photo of her trying to swipe the card goes viral on the internet.

But what Jimmy notices on the photo was that there is a name of his company that he is trying to promote that got into the shot. So he gets all excited that now his brand will get much deserved attention and a marketing boost.

The company is called handshigh.com and sells sportswear that has team names in the underpits. When everybody goes hands high during the game, the fans’ underarms will show their favorite team’s name. He claims that every other team can order their brand name on the sweatshirts. And by every other he means that there were 2 sweatshirts produced, one for him and the other for his co-host. lol