Southern Indiana based Richard B. Dicken Co., a men’s apparel company started by Casey Adcock of Evansville, IN, made its debut last week with the launch of a website and eleven products ready to ship. The company’s homepage tells the story of Richard Dicken (the company’s mascot) as a child, and his “rise” to living life “head” first.

Adcock states, “In a way, the story reflects what I’m being able to do right now through starting this company. I spent years in an industry trading family and free time for long hours at a desk. I’ve been given the opportunity to dive head first into something new that I can actually enjoy for a living, providing laughs and a high quality comfortable t-shirt.”

Each shirt is an original creation designed to include the well-endowed muscular silhouette of a man, the Richard B. Dicken logo and an occupation such as “Attorney at Law…always a good firm for clients.”

“The whole concept comes from my fraternity days when Big Johnson and Co-Ed Naked t-shirts were a staple. There just wasn’t anything with that type of humor available today, plus the material is the most comfortable on the market,” states Adcock.

The super soft and comfortable Bella Canvas brand t-shirts come in unisex sizes ranging from Small to 3XL. Shipping is temporarily free as a promotion. Your product is expected to arrive within 7 business days and new designs appear online in two color options every single week.

Just $19.99 with temporary free shipping.

To purchase or to learn more about Richard B. Dicken Co., please call 812-760-6243, email or visit the website today at:

These literally are the most comfortable shirts that I’ve ever worn. Soft, light and breathable, you will love them and the laughs they bring!

Enjoy your Richard B. Dickens Co. apparel,

Josh Leidolf

Professional Business and Product Review Journalist