Here’s the deal: as I’m sure you’ve read (because I know you’re getting Chronic daily) Kid Chronic has thrown it out there that we, ladies, ought to ‘Bring Back the Bush’  (please see his earlier post) and break away from the boring doldrums of the bald vs. landing strip debate. I’ve read this article and have found it to be one of the most relevant and female-liberating articles I’ve come across in a long time.

In short, he’s demanding that men insist upon a return to the pre-panty removal excitement and I couldn’t agree more, so I say we must rise to the challenge and get creative with our downstairs-dos and  see these boys one better by arranging for the raciest, most kinky and exotic underwear that can be found in South Florida to be delivered right to our doors with only having to buy one pair. I know you’re thinking how, CA? How can we get 35 pairs of sexy panties for the price of one? Read on.

First, you have to realize your va-jay is sacred- she’s a lady, just like you. So whether you’re a baldy or a braided, your lady needs to be finely dressed when you step out and what better way to make a show of your grand pre-bush unveiling  when you meet one of these Prince Chronics (as I’m sure you’re bound to do if you hit the right hot spots on Fort Lauderdale Beach and beyond) than to get a Panty Exchange of your own started? I mean, who doesn’t want to be the best dressed lady on the scene? Ladies, let it bring the Bush Battalion on en force with the sexiest armor we can find. I say we see Kid Chronic’s bush bet and raise him another flourish of style: one Panty Exchange to outdo all others.

It’s easy-here’s how: all you have to do is cut, copy, {puff} paste and print the following letter and mail it at once to six of your friends, placing the friend at the top of your list in the #1 spot and placing your name in the #2 spot, copy and mail it (yes, snail mail!) to everyone on your list and let the games begin.

If nobody bails, you should receive a total of 36 pairs of fancy pants to veil your va-jay and wow those bush-loving boys. I urge the ladies of South Florida to razor-stroke your kitty in a new way and dress her up in the finest fashion, have a little fun with your girls and get posted on the hottest site to hit the FLL!

Here’s the letter:

Dear ______________________________,

This is the South Florida Chronicle Panty Exchange. The what??? That’s right-The South Florida Chronicle Panty Exchange. We’re bringing back the bush for and need to arrange for the finest garb to adorn our pretty kitties with. Send one pair of new, NOT WORN underwear with the tags still attached to the person listed as #1 below. Then send a copy of this letter to six of your friends, but first move my name to the number #1 spot and put yours in the #2 spot in your letter.

If you can’t do this in one week, please notify me as it isn’t fair the the other girls who have participated and are waiting for their own collection of sexy panties to arrive- I’ll simply replace you with an alternate if you’re not up for the challenge! A manila envelope will mail the panties nicely and you should receive a total of 36 pairs of panties. It’s fun to see the variety you will get. Be sure to include your size- DON’T BE SHY! and specify any particular style you like that gets the men purring when you wear them.

Seldom does anyone drop out because we all know love to expand our wardrobes and who couldn’t use some wild and crazy lingerie to spark up these South Florida nights? Remember, 35 pairs for the price of one! With only one pair to buy and 2 names on the list, it’s a snap! Give it about two weeks for the panties to start rolling in-that is, if you get your letters out right away!

Dont’ spoil the fun! Enjoy your new sexy panties and be sure to send photos of your collection to for a chance to be featured on!

#1 _______________________________                Size: __________________

_________________________________                Style: __________________

#2_______________________________               Size: ___________________

_________________________________              Style: __________________

PS: Please be sure to send one blank copy of the letter to each of your friends so they won’t have to retype it~ Don’t forget to email in your pics to!