I was watching the terrible CNN at VideoGod headquarters and had an epiphany. If #MSM aka Mainstream Media aka #CNN#MSNBC#FOXNEWS#FOX#CBS#NBC#ABC really, truly cared about the victims in Las Vegas..AND TRUST ME THEY DON’T..they would run the #GOFUNDME accounts of all of the #victims and #firstresponders in their news crawls at the bottom of the screen instead of their typical repetitive #bullshit
The money is sorely needed to help those who have had family killed or injured in the massacre in Las Vegas at the ROUTE 91 HARVEST CONCERT.
Just give those families ONE DAY of TELEVISION AIRING on your news tickers! They will never do this. Ask yourself, why not? How would it hurt them? Think about the PR boost it would give these pieces of trash. Maybe, just maybe people would begin to trust in them again. 
Oh, and how about how much money it would raise for those families. People don’t take the time to search things out. This pushes it right in their face. Much like the photo here shows that super important message about gas prices. You know, information you really need to know.
It would mean so much to those families. Instead I will put the link to the main #VEGASSTRONG gofundme page which to this point had raised 10 MILLION DOLLARS!

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