We gon find you...we gon find you..so run and tell dat...run and tell dat


We can probably all agree that capitalizing on others’ misery is a bad thing. If that misery is your sister getting “raped” by an intruder, and the capitalizing is the sensation that your news interview caused…well maybe it isn’t such a bad thing. And you can help!!! Antoine Dodson wants out of the projects! And he is looking for donations…and can you blame him…the projects suck!!   

Dodson is asking for donations through his official website. The website contains his videos, notes from Dodson and, on the right column, a “Donate” button for anyone who wants to “help out” the family. The link leads to a PayPal account that reads: “Help the Dodson family”.  


Dodson has embraced the power of the “internets”. He created a Twitter account, the personal website and a YouTube account.  

“Official merchandise” is also available through Dodson’s Zazzle store. The merchandise contains some of Dodson’s popular catch-phrases: “We Got Yo T-Shirt” and “Run And Tell Dat.” The following phrase is at the top of the Zazzle page: “The profits from this store will go to helping Antoine’s family get out of the projects”.