Yesterday, January 26, there was a fatal helicopter crash that happened in Calabasas, California. The crash was located about 30 miles Northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant and his daughter were among the fatalities of the crash. Along with seven others, including those who played basketball and coached Bryant’s daughter Gianna. This is a very sad moment in American Basketball culture as Kobe Bryant was a hero for so many. There were no survivors from the crash according to the sheriff’s department.


Nine Casualties


There were nine people inside of the helicopter when it struck the ground. Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna Bryant, were just two of the victims of this terrible accident. On board was also a family of three, a basketball coach, a mother and daughter, and a pilot. The two other younger girls were also on Gianna Bryant’s basketball team. Payton and Alyssa. Payton’s mother Sarah Chester was on the helicopter with her during the crash. Alyssa and her parents, John and Keri Altobelli, were lost as well during the crash. Kobe Bryant also had his daughter’s coach, Christina Mauser on board. She had a husband and daughter that she left behind. Finally, the pilot, Ara Zobayan. He was Bryant’s personal pilot.


Farewell to Kobe Bryant


People all over the country have been saying kind words and speaking out about how much Kobe Bryant inspired their life. For many people, Kobe was idolized as the greatest basketball player to ever live. There are many who looked up to him and seeing this come about put a shock on the world. Whether you were always wanting to be a superstar basketball player or you just preached his name when throwing something in the garbage. Kobe Bryant shaped an era in the United States and he will not soon be forgotten. May the Black Mamba live on in our hearts forever.