Spencer Pratt making fame look like shit day in and day out.

Heidi Montag has finally had enough and is ending her marriage with crazy crystal fanatic Spencer Pratt. Pratt who was a little prepster pre-fame has totally buckled under the pressure and become a crystal-loving, patchouli-wearing, hippie loser.

Heidi claims the main reason for the separation is that she wants to break into acting but no one will work with her because she has a loose cannon as a husband. However, I’m sure the fact that he has totally fallen off the deep end, becoming a certifiably insane person has had something to do with it.

Heidi went on to say she will be moving into a Malibu beach house with her friend Jennifer Bunny. Once settled, they will begin shooting a reality TV show based on the two girls dating lives’ and, of course, plastic surgery.

This show should give us some good insight to see if Heidi is just as crazy as her estranged husband Spencer Pratt. If I had to guess, I’d bet she is; after all, she’s been at his side for the duration of his demise.