–Rebirth of Cool…There is no question about it…Marc Mauro is BACK!!!

Artists are born. You don’t just decide one day to become an artist. Marc Mauro was born to create “eye candy”. He not only stimulates your eyes and mind, but leave you wondering when you see his work, “How did he do that?”. Marc Mauro gets the shot! As a filmmaker and as a photographer. And it doesn’t matter if he is editing together a masterpiece he filmed, or shooting photos of the hottest celebrities around. Starting out doing chalk and freehand stencil in grammar school to airbrushing as a teenager, Marc had a special ability for art and creativity. Everyone knew it. Marc knew it too, and it became clear he was destined for artistic greatness.

“I was born to have a camera in my hand.”

Marc’s artistic journey through life continued through to NYU Film School, where he stood out as the “maverick”. While the rest of the class was doing morbid films and dark shorts just for the sake of being overly “artsy”, Marc was fine with being labeled “Hollywood” by his classmates. He had no problem with the fact that he was gonna be the one that gets handed with 100 million dollar budgets to direct. That was, and has always been, the goal!

After film school, Marc spent some time in the print and graphics world, where his art met promotion. One can only express themselves artistically so much, by creating logos and flyers. It served its purpose and paid the bills. But there was something bigger and better on the horizon.

It was right around then, that a moment occurred in Marc’s life. A trade was made. And so began Marc Mauro’s ascension to the top. Marc is the first one to let you know that,”All things happen for a reason.” This couldn’t be more true than in this scenario.

In that trade, Marc got his first digital SLR camera. He took all of his knowledge about lighting, editing, shooting and effects and incorporated it into his still photography. The results were magical. But it wasn’t so easy. Marc was shooting mostly actor reels and head shots for friends and acquaintances. It was work, and all were happy with the results. They were landing jobs, and they knew Marc’s photos were a big reason why. His work made them look like seasoned professionals.┬áMarc always puts his heart, soul and mind into every shoot. He does so with a true love and passion for photography. By taking it to the creative limit for his clients. And finally, by implementing his wealth of knowledge behind the camera to get the best shot. Marc’s clients saw and appreciated that. It kept business steady, and many went to Marc for their shots to break into the industry. The word of mouth was catching on. Marc’s photos were ‘going viral’ before ‘going viral’ was even a pop culture phenomenon.

“A photo is just one shot of a film. Every picture should tell a story….like a movie….like it is a scene taken from a movie.”

Up to this point, Marc was inexperienced with female glamour style photo shoots. He knew he could do them, he just hadn’t yet. That all changed when Marc befriended a model online. He eventually had a photo shoot with her. The two parted ways, and Marc felt good now knowing that he could shoot glamour! That model posted Marc’s photos online and noted that he was for hire on the One Model Place website. She did so without Marc’s permission. Marc was not sure if he was ready to let the model world know that he WAS the photographer to shoot with. After all, he only had one shoot under his belt. How impressed was anyone gonna be? Oh, they were impressed! It turned out to be the moment ; the official start of the Marc Mauro buzz. Marc was contacted daily by models from all over. He began shooting more and more glamour and fashion. He could not be stopped. Every model of merit knew her portfolio was not complete if it did not have shots done by Marc Mauro. One of his most memorable shots at this time was the “apples shot”. It was a magnificent shot of the model laid out amongst a thousand green apples. It was that shot that got Marc a ton of notoriety on the internet. It also launched the idea for the “Food for Thought” series.

This gave Marc the inspiration, the motivation and the knowledge that he WAS an exceptional photographer that people wanted to work with. He knew that he took the best shots combined with the sickest effects. And that he provided something different, that other photographers couldn’t even dream of, let alone achieve. Marc Mauro became “Question Marc” and his career was taking off like Superman. He was going on photo “tours” like a rock star. He was turning down more work than most photographers were booking. He was shooting 10’s and making them look like 12’s!! There became a growing list of celebrities that were not only subjects of his photo shoots, but they were big fans! Marc’s career was exploding….but sometimes life throws us all curveballs. Marc had some personal matters that needed to be addressed. They needed his complete focus and photography had to take a backseat. Marc laid his camera down and he walked away from all of it. He was gone from the scene for close to five years.

To relax and reflect, Marc took to the hobby, and later business of reef aquariums and fragging. Harvesting and selling coral, as well as teaching newbies how to maintain their tanks and keep their tanks flourishing was rewarding to Marc. The reef aquarium world has a devout following that Marc was catering to, and chances were that if your friend had a cool saltwater tank with coral and reef in the New York area, Marc had something to do with it. He not only made models look their best. He was doing the same for salt water tanks.

The time has come! Five years are too long! Marc Mauro is set to make his triumphant return to the world of photography. The buzz has already began as models, athletes and celebrities are talking. ‘The Superman of Photography’ is back…and he’s not gonna stop until you see his name as the director of the summer blockbuster you just bought a ticket to see.

Stay tuned to this website, www.MarcMauro.com to see Marc’s photo shoots, tutorials in the world of photo and video, tips/tricks on shots and lighting, as well as Marc’s personal blog. There you will get into the mind of a true original, who has the ability to marry creativity and technology together in a way that makes his photos “eye shockers”. Remember, If you are searching for something ordinary, look elsewhere

Marc Mauro IS the photographer that your photographer talks about!