So it’s been my week off (week off from bloggin’ that is) because I have been home covering for Haiku Brad while he was fancy pantsing, grown man style at Disney Land last week. Seriously, who gets married and has their honeymoon with Mickey Mouse? Loser. Whatever. Write me a poem about it fag. Thanks for letting me work your 7 double shifts and wedding!

I was able to catch some NFL yesterday though, and this is what I saw. Quite possibly the hardest hit I have ever seen. Just straight head on locomotive versus Mack truck.

Comment of the Day:
Mike Cunniff says:
2010/10/17 at 9:55 PM

My whole life… Cuntsniff, Cuntiff, etc. Cuntwiff is original though.

It is what it is.

Im sure you guys aren’t bad guys, and honestly neither is Ehab, it’s just a fucked up situation and I understand where you’re coming from, but my experience wasn’t bad.

We’ll all have a beer one day and laugh, this has gotten a little out of control, but it also has gotten you guys over 1200 pageviews in a little over a day so I guess it works in your favor.

Can we lean off me a little now? I’ve been a good sport.

Thanks guys.